Sealife - a ship for experiences in the archipelago.

Sealife was ordered in 1996 from the shipyard Cantiere Nautico VZ in northern Italy. The model is called VZ18. It took 18 months to build her and the owner drove her up to Sweden in the spring of 1997. We bought this yacht in 2016 and have upgraded and modernized the vessel successively. Today, Sealife is modern in its equipment and in the feeling on board.

Facts about the ship.


Speed ​​certificate speed area D, Alcohol permit, approved by the Environment Agency, insurances.


3 double cabins forward with toilet and shower in each, one a so-called Master Cabin with a little extra space. In the stern there are 3 berths with toilet and shower here as well.

Salon and fly bridge.

The lounge has room for 7–8 seated guests on the sofa and outside the kitchen there is room for another 4 seated guests. The fly bridge offers space for 12 seated guests and offers a beautiful view.

Aft deck.

On the aft deck we set the table for up to 12 guests. From here you can easily get down to the large bathing platform in the stern, via a staircase on the starboard side. The entire aft deck is covered by a roof and there is the option of putting up a canopy on the sides if it gets a bit windy.


There is Wi-Fi on board, bluetooth speakers, 50″ TV, Highfield inflatable boat with a Minn Kota electric motor.

Hyr en yacht och åk båtcharter med besättning till Fjällbacka

A boat charter to remember.

For many, going on a boat charter in the archipelago will be a memory for life! A boat charter helps realize the thoughts we all have about the sea and the archipelago. We all have a relationship with the archipelago and everything out there, but also many of us don't get there.

Your experience.

The really good thing about this type of boat charter is that you are involved and influence the route and your own experience with it. Before each boat charter, we talk through almost every detail with you, so that you feel confident and that together we ensure that the conditions are in place for your charter to be exactly as you want it. Then we will always try to maximize your experience even further.

Food on board.

We have a kitchen, or galley as it is called at sea, which is about 1.5 m2. We cook all the food here with inspiration from the sea. Every boat charter is usually in such a way that you book something to eat. We can serve 3-course, buffets, seafood in drifts, a nice charcuterie board or why not a larger Prawn sandwich model. We are flexible and always talk to you. Feel free to look at our menu where we give examples of what we serve. Click here


When you book a boat charter with us at Sealife, you have the opportunity to bring up to 12 of your closest friends with you. On board Sealife, there is always a crew of three people who take care of you. Security on a boat charter is always high and we have a briefing before we start, so that you feel safe with us and Sealife. After a briefing, it is normal for us to pour a glass of sparkling wine (or non-alcoholic) and then you pick off the prepared dishes when you sit comfortably on the fly-bridge.

The crew.

What's a boat charter without a little guidance from the crew?! Naturally, we tell stories and legends about what you see and experience in the archipelago. The archipelago is full of wonderful stories from far, far back in time. It's about Vikings on Brännö, big fishermen off Vinga , pirates down on Vrångö and much more.

Gothenburg Coast Charter - Besättningen
Sealife Crew

We want to exceed our guests' expectations and deliver one fine experience after another, where nothing is impossible.
Contactus and rent a yacht!

Yacht Charter med Sealife - Lena Busse
Lena Busse

Lena has the highest focus on the kitchen and all menus during our charters. Lena puts out well-prepared 3-course menus from the kitchen where the flavors are at the center.

Yacht Charter med Sealife - Peter Busse
Peter Busse

Peter plans the routes during our charters. Many years of experience in the archipelago ensures that we get where the guest wants.



Italian Food & Truffles.

After an established career as a chef for over ten years at fine dining restaurants in Italy, England and Sweden, Nicola Grendele has understood the importance of really good ingredients. Especially how it affects the dining experience. Food for guests should not only be gastronomically creative, but should also leave a lasting impression. According to Nicola, this is the ultimate satisfaction for a chef.

Italian Food & Truffle provides a tailored personal service and delivers high quality truffles and caviar for kitchens and everyone else in Sweden who value only the best ingredients. The company's ethos and business model rest on these key values: Quality, continuity and value.

Together with Nicola, we organize events where you try exclusive caviar, the finest truffles, good champagne on board M/Y Sealife! We round off with a good dinner on board the ship! Please read more about the arrangement here .

Gothenburg Tours.

If you want to get a deeper insight into the archipelago when you are out on a charter with us, Gothenburg Tours is the guide we recommend. In a very personal way, based on what you are interested in, Hans guides you both at sea and on land. An extraordinary guide!


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